Close enough (Wim Koopmans) (1982)

Philips 6423551 – Close enough – LP (1982)

Tracks A-kant:Tracks B-kant:
1.  In the still of the night1.  Rhapsody in blue
2.  Close enough for love2.  Somebody’s angel
3.  Cabaret3.  On a dusty road to nowhere
4.  I wanna be around4.  You don’t know me
5.  Till (Prière sans espoir)5.  Gingy my love
Producer: Ruud Jacobs / Leo Westermeyer
Release: 1982
Singles van dit album:
  – You don’t know me /Little green apples
  – On a dusty road to nowhere / Gingy my love
Guest musicians from Earth and Fire:
Jerney Kaagman (backing vocals ‘Somebody’s angel’ and ‘You don’t know me’)