Rainbows end (Max Werner) (1979)

EMI 1A 06226363 – Rainbows end – LP (1979)

Tracks A-kant:Tracks B-kant:
1.  Rainbows end1.  Longsleeper
2.  Beware of the dog2.  A deadly state of mind
3.  Tale of tenderness3.  Secrets of mother earth
4.  Sir Dance-alot4.  Life’s serenity
5.  Help me to do it alone5.  Medicineman
6.  A glamour story
Producer: Gerrit-Jan Leenders
Release: 1979
Singles van dit album:
  – Rainbows end / Life’s serenity
Guest musicians from Earth and Fire:
Jerney Kaagman (vocals ‘Tale of tenderness) and Ab Tamboer