The future none can see (Renée) (1982)

CNR 655143 – The future none can see – LP (1982)

Tracks A-kant:Tracks B-kant:
1.  High time he went1.  By the by
2.  Now and then2.  You’re a liar
3.  The future none can see3.  Can’t live my life
4.  She’s a star4.  Love’s just a season
5.  Seventeen5.  Go to sleep
Producer: Bert Ruiter
Release: 1982
Singles van dit album:
  – High time he went / Love’s just a season
  – You’re a liar / Can’t live my life
  – Seventeen / By the by
Guestmusicians from Earth and Fire:
Ab Tamboer (drums track 1-9) and Bert Ruiter (piano track 9, hand claps track 7, ‘Glockenspiel’ track 4 and clock track 5)