Bombay Calling

T. Scherpenzeel/B. Ruiter/I. Linders

She said: calling collect
Will you accept all charges
I said: Why don’t you connect
I haven’t got much of a choice
Santa Cruz Airport,
oh please hold the line
I suddenly heard his voice
He said: I’m feeling o.k.
Flew in tonight from Karachi
But when are you coming back home
You’ve got to get your priorities right
Or better get off that phone

Don’t hang up it’s Bombay calling
Just reporting to the west
Don’t hang up it’s Bombay calling
Gimme one more chance
To come home at last

I said: I’m not in the mood
For one of your infamous stories
Hold on, I want you to choose
What on earth are you trying to find
Tomorrow it’s Vegas and next week Shanghai
I tell you, make up your mind

He came from Bagdad to New Delhi
Always on the rund
Froms Marrakesh to Bangladesh
His yourney’s just begun

Take a ride on the river
Take a look in the Taj Mahal
Let the heat make you shiver
Till you’ve seen it all