French word for Love

B. Ruiter/I. Linders

A room with a view
But a house she can’t call her own
Dinner’s burning on the stove
It’s a far cry from home

The kids going wild
They won’t give her the time of day
She’s trying hard, but she’s just got
No clue what the’re saying

French word for love
The only thing that springs to mind
All the time
Keeps dreaming off
Romantic ways to spend the night
To feel allright

Quartier Latin
She’s all dressed up to move around
Handsome strangers everywhere
Her first night in town

A blue haze of smoke
In a place they call Chez Maxim’s
The man of her dreams

She sees him again
when the blue haze has gone
In front of the class that she attends
Whoever thought he’d be teaching French
At the Sorbonne