Keep on missing you

T. Scherpenzeel/I. Linders

Feelings of confusion
Spinning through my mind
Reliving every moment
Knowing it still hurts

Allies in all matters
Partners in all crimes
No one came between us
Together we fooled the world

We were like hand and glove
You’re the last one I wanted to loose

I still keep on missing you
With all my heart I know I do
We laughed, we cried
We had our fights
You were always there to pull me through
Still keep on missing you
With every little thing I do
If I laugh or cry
TIll tears run dry
The only thing it comes down to
Is that I keep on missing you

Another day is dawning
Another night has gone
Nothing lasts forever
But who said life was fair

Slipping through my fingers
(I’m) trying to hold on
But finding little comfort
Imagining you’re still there

I could be acting so tough
But I can’t deny what is true