No Stone Unturned

T. Scherpenzeel/I. Linders

He’s been out all night
Checking up on clues
And now the chase is on
The battle has begun
Things fall into place
Got no time to waste
Pouring some oil on troubled water
Leading the lambs right to the slaughter

No they won’t get away
The stakes are much too high
To escape the public eay
No cover up will be tight enough
Soon he’ll let it all out in the open
Covers are blown and codes are broken

Doubts, is he going too far
No turning back now
When the sotry is out it’ll make him a star

No stone unturned
No heart unbroken
All questions answered, no more lies
No stone unturned
No word unspoken
There’s no escaping thoses prying eyes

Look, he never missed a scoop
All’s fair in love and war
No childs’ play anymore influential men
Doing all they can
Calling the shots in this risky business
Deals are made and facts are twisted

Cracks are beginning to show
No turning back now
He’s got all the facts,
and it’s time they should know