Song of the Marching Children

C. Koerts/G. Koerts/H. Ziech

A Theme of the marching children
B Opening of the seal
C Childhood

Watching through the broken seal
I saw the tree of life, forever
All the branches fully green
Bearing human fruit, forever
You’re ignoring, to what you’ll
turn out to be
You’ll once be sewing and
gathering frequently
That’s what you ‘ll turn out to be

Watching through the broken seal
I saw marching children and children
At the church neraby the gate
A preacher read his sermon
for children
You’re ignoring where the hell
you’re going to
God bless you for the world
is going into

Why can’t we go
over the untouched read
Is it too winding
Flanked by reflections of time
Go and expericience
Learn the human destiny
Happiness and sadness
Posts of your life time

D Affliction

Children’s eyes fixing upon the gate of heaven
Predestinated for minority
Into the underworld the others tumbling down
Tortured by terrestrial vixations

E Damnation

A long precession
Hearing the balck knight’s thoughts
I have been watching you
Your conduct in life was in vain
Cross the waters of death
With their silent borders
Then you’ll see
Your waiting graves

F Purification

When will be the crack of doom
Is it tomorrow
Is it tomorrow
A laurel wreath for the future graves
Of the marching children
A laurel wreath for the furure graves
Of the marching children

G The march