To the World of the Future

C. Koerts/H. Ziech

Chilly towers, people movin’
On the rhytm of red and green
Wrapped in blue no time left
Blue forbidden, because of the rest
There’s so many, many people
Facing the changing hours
Silent and untouched
Alarming bells and crowded sidewalks
It’s the moment for substitution
Wrapped in green, dark fixed gazes
Sleeping conciousness and apathy
results in nothing really nothing
Even no sacrificing
and even no devotion
Busling traffic, nagging streetsounds
Shrilly cleaving the close grey air
Wrapped in black, see their faces
No smile, no love, misery
grows every day
Yes, day by day
Like seconds unspoken
Into an ocean of time

I try to remember
Where did I see those faces before?
I see myself in loneliness
Why do they make me feel so insecure?
Do they treat me like a stranger
For the coldness of my skin?

Curious eyes, constantly pressing
Alien gestures, causing sorrow
Confusing pains liberating sparks
Desintegration into
thousands of metallic pieces
Yes thousands of pieces
Units scratch the ground
Fading between the walls