Winds of Change

T. Scherpenzeel/B. Ruiter/I. Linders

Soldier of fortune
What do you think you’re gonna find
Moving in circles
Bound to remain one step behind

Going for gold
Ending up empty-handed
Breaking my heart like a regular
bandit of love

Gotta give you up but my heart says no
Part of me still won’t let go
Baby I can feel the winds of change
Blowing around us
From the mountaintop to the valley low
There’s a voice everywhere I go
Baby can’t you feel the winds of change
Blowing around us

Leaving me lonely
Love is a whisper in the night
Saying you’re sorry
Sorry won’t make this wrong feel right

Love doesn’t let itself reason away and
Dreams won’t just disappear when
the day comes alive

We used to dance and make love until
Sleep filled our eyes
No one could stop us,
without us the sun
Wouldn’t rise
We’re lost in our own paradise